Q1. Monday Morning Roll $11.95

Inside: Salmon, cream cheese with special sauce fried

Q2. Anthony’s Collision Roll $10.95

Spicy crab, Crunch and avocado roll topped with crab and special sauce

Q3. Honey Roll $10.25

Shrimp tempura and banana Topped avocado eel sauce

Q4. TJ & Luca Shem Roll $10.95

Shrimp tempura, avocado, and cucumber roll topped with crab with special sauce.

Q5. Golden Dragon Roll $11.50

Eel, avocado topped w. mango, brown sauce and tobiko

Q6. Danny Roll $12.95

Spicy tuna with avocado roll topped with cooked Salmon, spicy mayo.( need 10-15 mins to prepare)

Q7. Wills Roll $12.95

Avocado roll topped w. spicy cooked salmon & octopus

Q8. Diane Roll $11.25

Shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, topped spicy crab and crunch


The Don Roll $12.95

Inside: Shrimp tempura, fresh mango, cream cheese. Topped spicy crab and special sauce


Joe Kim Roll $12.25

Inside: lobster meat with avocado and crunch top with mango and spicy mayo sauce

Q11. The Amoney Roll $12.95

Inside: Lobster with crunch and Avocado and top with spicy crab and crunch.

Q12. Krunchtime Fitness Roll $12.95

Lobster with crunch and avocado top with crab and shrimp with spicy sauce

Q13. Sal Daz Roll $12.25

Spicy crab crunch and avocado roll topped with white tuna and spicy sauce.

Q14. Daniel Roll $12.25

Spicy salmon topped with mango, spicy sauce

Q15. Mountain Roll $12.25

Inside: spicy tuna with avocado, Top: spicy crab, shrimp tempura

Q16. Handsome Joe Roll $12.95

Inside: shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber

Top: Avocado, white tuna and red tuna.

Q17. The Ryno Roll $12.25

Inside: Spicy tuna with avocado and cream cheese Topped mango and spicy sauce

Q18. Nicole Roll $12.95

Inside: spicy tuna Top: with salmon, spicy sauce and crunch

Q19. Zack Roll $12.95

Spicy tuna topped with eel and avocado, brown sauce

Q20. The BBQ Roll $12.95

Inside: Eel, spicy tuna, avocado

Topped crab and crunch with special sauce

Q21. Tuna Amazing $13.50

Tuna, avocado, jalapeno topped with red tuna and white tuna and spicy mayo , crunch on the top

Q22. Z Roll $13.50

Eel, avocado with spicy salmon, white tuna on the top with special sauce

Q23. Keca Roll $12.95

Inside: Lobster crunch, avocado, topped tuna, white tuna, mango with spicy sauce, brown sauce

Q24. Joe Rocco Roll $12.95

Inside: shrimp tempura with avocado.

Top: tuna, crunch, special sauce

Q25. Eddie Pipes Roll $13.95

Inside: spicy crab with avocado, deep fried, top with spicy tuna, crunch and spicy sauce

Q26. HD Construction Roll $13.95

Lobster, avocado, crunch inside, top with spicy tuna, and crab with spicy cause

Q27. Ichiban Roll $14.95

Inside: tuna, salmon, yellowtail, top: tuna, salmon, yellowtail with spicy mayo

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